Deadline: October 2016-January 2017
Location: EU
Type: Scholarship, Master degree
Program Period: 12-24 months
Number of Awards: Varies (Programs based)
Course Starts: Next academic year

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) is offering a list of EU-funded scholarships for courses in the academic year 2017-2018. EMJMDs are run by international consortia formed by at least three higher education institutions from different Erasmus+ Programme countries. Applicants will receive either a double (or multiple) degree or a joint degree awarded by your higher education consortium, which is officially recognised in the degree-awarding countries.

Study Areas

  • Agriculture and Veterinary
  • Engineering, Manufacture and Construction
  • Health and Welfare
  • Humanities and Arts
  • Science, Mathematics and Computing
  • Social Sciences, Business and Law

For details of study areas, click here!

Eligibility criteria

Students from all over the world can apply. Before applying for an EMJMD, make sure you respect the following conditions:

  • You must have a first higher education degree or demonstrate a recognised equivalent of learning according to the legislation and practices in the countries that will award the degree. More specific information about entry requirements can be found on the website of each EMJMD
  • If you have already received an EMJMD scholarship, you are not eligible for an additional scholarship
  • Students at Master level can apply to a maximum of three different programmes.

You cannot benefit from another EU-funded scholarship scheme at the same time as receiving support for your EMJMD.

Scholarship benefits

EMJMD scholarships cover travel expenses, participation costs, fees and living costs for the entire duration of the Master course. The total amount of your scholarship can vary according to the duration of your course and your nationality (non-EU students receive larger scholarships).

Scholarship holder from a Programme Country

€ 1,000 per year

Not applicable

Maximum € 1,000 per month

Up to € 4,500 per year

Objective Scholarship holder from a Partner Country
Contribution to the travel costs € 2,000 € per year (located less than 4,000 km from the EMJMD coordinating HEI)
€ 3,000 € per year (located at or more than 4,000 km from the EMJMD coordinating HEI)
Contribution to the installation costs € 1,000
Contribution to the subsistence costs varying according to the length and country/region of the students’ residence Maximum € 1,000 per month
Contribution to the participation costs
(any amount in excess of this maximum contribution must be covered by the EMJMD consortium)
Up to € 9,000 per year

To receive Erasmus+ support for an EMJMD, you must first be accepted onto the course by the organising consortium. Self-funded students can be enrolled in addition to scholarship holders.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply to a maximum of three different programmes as listed in study areas. Both, students and potential scholars/guest lecturers should contact the relevant institution for more information on courses and application procedures.

For more information, please click here for general information and here for scholarship programs.